Wednesday 10 September 2008

Laz'rus dig yourself

I turned 30 on Monday and I have a shed.

Entering my thirties doesn't bother me - I still don't feel a day over 29. The fact that I own a shed however, that I have accumulated enough "stuff" to need one, makes me feel like the crest of the hill is drawing ever closer - and soon I will be over it. Not only that, I'm convinced I'm turning into my Dad..

When cleaning out the old shed before it was torn down, the CPF and I spent an evening sifting through its contents, deciding what to keep and what to bin. Occasionally she would hold up something like an old plastic tub, a small stick or half a milk carton and say "Bin?". And I, ignorant of the logic driving my thought process, would reply "Nah hang onto it - it might come in handy".

I had no idea how or when they might have come in useful. I couldn't even begin to suggest a possible future use for such items - but you never know, someday I might find myself in a situation where I'll think "half a milk carton would be just the man for a job like this" and I'll be able to go to my shed (eek!) and retrieve it. Unfortunately, this is exactly the same conversation I witnessed Mammy and Daddy Ambassador have in their shed a hundred times over. Often in the same night.

If the truth be told, I don't actually own a shed at present.

I own a bit of a shed.

It is only 3 blocks high and, as sheds go, it wouldn't be useful for storing much.

With no roof, it wouldn't offer much protection from the elements and the absence of a door means it is not the most secure structure in the world.

For the moment, I own a series of small walls!

Isn't that all archaeologists ever find during excavations? A collection of small walls - and from this? "Well we can tell from this series of small walls that this was a castle/some stables/a gymnasium/a brothel/a library/an internet café"

Maybe they've just been finding unfinished sheds?


Darren said...

lmao - Perhaps the Colosseum is just a big barn that didn't get finished because of the downturn in the Roman economy?

Stonedog said...

Happy birthday for Monday !!

We own 3 sheds and with emigration getting closer they need to be emptied. I'm dreading going through 17 years worth of 'stuff that might come in handy'.

The Bad Ambassador said...

3 sheds?

Man if I feel old with only one barely there shed, you must feel ancient with 3 fully grown sheds!

Stonedog said...

I don't feel ancient, I just live with ancient ;)

sheepworrier said...

Happy b'day BA.

The Bad Ambassador said...

Thanks SW