Friday 19 September 2008

The times they are a changing.

Our company is owned by an Fortune 500 corporation.

Since the takeover we have been bombarded by weekly Friday emails full to the brim of corporate bullshit. It's your typical American motivational win-one-for-the-gipper, e-Hug.

And they don't even have the decency to include a crudely drawn album cover. It does contain a weekly poll though. A weekly poll which has the potential to be the source of much merriment.

Last week's was: If you could travel through time, would you rather visit the past or the future?

And the results:

50% : The Past
32% : The Future
16% : I don't want to travel through time

Upon reading stuff like this you have to wonder what type of bible belt, puritan, flat earth gobshits call themselves my colleagues.

Its a hypothetical question! Doc Brown isn't strapping them into the DeLorean, hair fizzy and manic, glasses askew yelling "We'll never get her up to 88mph Marty"

You don't want to go into the future and get the winning lotto numbers or see what happens when all the oil runs out?

Or maybe go into the past so you once again have the opportunity to tell your Dad you love him before he dies. Or maybe get a decent education?

This weeks question is: If you were to permanently lose one of your senses, which one would you rather lose?

Right now I'm thinking "sight" - then I'll never have to read one of these awful emails again. Your intrepid reporter will bring you the results of this week's poll as and when we have them.


ROHIT said...

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you are fantastic!!!

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sheepworrier said...

The 6th one.

red said...

Can you answer 'I don't want to lose one of my senses' this time?

The Bad Ambassador said...

@red - interesting. The scaredy cat option isn't available this time.

Lottie said...

Our only choices re:- Would you like to (a) work late on Friday (b) come in on Saturday or (c) take work home?