Monday 29 September 2008


At twenty past two on Saturday afternoon CPF and I were sitting comfortably in the Abbey Theatre awaiting their production of Wilde's 'An Ideal Husband'.

We had fallen into bed at stupid o'clock after spending the previous evening dancing our little cotton socks off at the wedding of a friend and, ably assisted by the cosy darkness of the theatre, tiredness was beginning to catch up with us. Eyelids were drooping and fighting the urge to curl up and go for a quick nap was proving quite a challenge.

Looking around the auditorium, we noticed that, it being a matinee performance, the average age of the audience was at least 102.

"It looks " the CPF said with a grin, "like we won't be the only ones at risk of nodding off"

There was to be no nodding of - not even a hint of it. Everything about the performance (sets, acting, costumes, production, lighting) was thoroughly captivating and nothing short of fantastic.

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redleeroy said...

I have been witness to that also, its something to do with being home in time for high tea, or not driving in the dark, or incontinence.