Friday 5 September 2008

The Friday Album Cover #12

"Here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory"

When you don't have two notes in your head to rub together, you tend to avoid singing when within earshot of other people. This is partly through a fear of being mocked and partly because you have no desire to be held in contravention of the Geneva convention.

The say in space nobody can hear you scream. Well, when tootling about on a motorbike nobody can hear you warble (or indeed murder the modern classics). I like to take full advantage of this fact and sing like a happy maniac inside my crash helmet. I will belt out anything that comes on the MP3 players - from Free Bird to Shiny Happy People or Nessun Dorma.

Nessun Dorma must be quite the spectacle - with only 5 words of Italian in my armoury (Ti Amo. Mi Vuoi Sposare) it must be sung phonetically!

Today, given the weather, the spin into work required a little more concentration than normal so the MP3 player remained on the bedside locker. It was up to me to provide my own song choices - a task to be relished with great zeal. Perhaps unsurprisingly my song of choice was "Here Comes the Flood" from The Divine Comedy's Fin de Si├Ęcle.

"Here Comes the Flood", if you aren't familiar with it, would not be out of place in a Broadway musical. It even features a sarcastic soliloquy in the middle. And its catchy. Very catchy. Everytime I listen to the album I find myself singing or humming "Here Comes the Flood" for days afterwards.

Unfortunately, one such time occurred immediately after the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004. It was only when the CPF pointed out the inappropriateness of the lyric that it finally dawned on me why people had been looking at me with such displeasure

Here comes the flood
Rivers of mud, baby
Here comes the quake
Evacuate while you still can
Here comes the fire
Our funeral pyre, baby
Here comes the flood
Here comes the blood bath

Anyway, on with the show. One for you 80s kids today.


gimme a minute said...

'Oh these mist covered mountains...'.

Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms.

The Bad Ambassador said...

Indeed it is - and now I have run out of the small stash of album covers I had prepared.

I must now go and think up some more.

redleeroy said...

do you only do these on Fridays?

The Bad Ambassador said...

Mostly of a Fridays - I find the thread title to be less than accurate if I release them on other days.

Occasionally, depending on the prevailing circumstances the odd one will appear on other days - or not at all as the case may be.

Which reminds me....