Friday 26 September 2008

E-Hug #2

Hot off the presses is this week's corporate hug from the evil overlords benevolent management at Globex Corp!

The answers to last week's poll are in....

If you were to permanently lose one of your senses, which one would you rather lose?

1.3%......Seeing now you know.

Now on to this weeks burning question.

Presumably, with the international banking crisis and $700 trillion rescue strategy hogging the headlines, you are expecting something recession related. "How do you think Globex Corp will manage in the current financial climate?" or "How do you think you will be affected by the credit crunch?".

Well, prepare to be disappointed.

How do you usually write when using a pen or pencil?
  • Print
  • Cursive (Handwriting)
  • Sometimes one, sometimes the other
  • Personalised combination of the two.

Three things struck me about this:

If they have to clarify what "Cursive" is, exactly what class of gimp does Globex Corp employ in the US?

If the need to explain cursive handwriting is indicative of a typical staff member, shouldn't the question be "How do you usually write when using a pen, pencil or crayon?

Finally, why isn't there an option for "Like a 5 year old - head resting on your arm, tongue sticking out from the side of your mouth, breathing heavily, deep in concentration".

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