Tuesday 23 September 2008

It's the dirty story of a dirty man

Reading one of the Sunday papers over breakfast this morning, a short, filler article caught my attention.

Apparently Cecila Ahern, author of entertaining chick-lit books (e.g. "PS, I Love You") and woeful chick-flicks (e.g. 'PS, I Love You'), has no interest in penning a biography of her father, amnesiac scoundrel, Bertie Ahern.

Quoth Celia:

I write fiction and wouldn't be able to take on something of that magnitude.

I would have thought the whole "writing fiction" thing would make her the perfect candidate.

Unless of course she meant that Bertie's account of things is just too fictional - even for her?


sheepworrier said...

Cecilia would be straying into uncertain territory if she attempted that biography - mixing fact, fiction and the downright supernatural.

Best just leaving that to Dan Brown.

Caro said...

Poor thing just doesn't have enough imagination.

redleeroy said...

He would sidle past her desk as she wrote, whistling amhran na bhfiann and drop a small brown paper bag beside her. "Make it believable luv".