Monday 18 January 2010

Livin' In the Future.

In March '08 I wrote about an accident involving a traffic accident involving 3 military trucks and 2 cars.

Given our compensation culture and reactionary politicians I predicted that "our military trucks will subsequently be retro-fitted with seat belts, booster seats and Donald Duck window blinds".

So, I was delighted to read in the Indo that:

Troop-carrying trucks in the Irish Defence Forces are to be fitted with a system to protect soldiers in crashes after 40 were injured in two separate accidents on Irish roads.

Presumably the Donald Duck window blinds are on order - or maybe they are waiting for Dora the Explorer ones.

Alternatively, as a money saving alternative to window blinds they could simply park each truck in any of the capital's business parks for 20 minutes. That should be sufficient time for some jobsworth to stick a stubbornly adhesive "DON'T PARK HERE" sticker to the window.