Wednesday 2 April 2008

Now I'm 28, but I'm still in my teens...

So after a few topsy turvy weeks, the hall stairs and landing have been stripped, filled, sanded, painted and then painted again. A new front door and wooden floor have been ordered for the hall and will soon be on the way. As will a new carpet for the the stairs and landing.

The bathroom has been cleaned and painted to make it look somewhat respectable. We may need to put up bookshelves to house the eclectic collection of literature that has accumulated on the window sill - but that's a story for another day.

We have now moved onto the process of planning to build a shed at the bottom of the garden. We need somewhere to house the bike, lawnmower and garden furniture (along with all the other odds and ends that you accumulate when doing these little jobs) . The current wooden thing is nearing the end of its natural life and, especially with all the weather we've had recently, is beginning to rot. (Ronseal, there may have been a typo on some of your tins!)

I'm not sure what I am more worried about - how low the balance of my current account will be when all is said and done or the fact that I will own a shed.

I'm not yet 30 - what comes next if I build and own a shed:

  • slippers?
  • a pipe?
  • a volvo?
  • knowing when radiators need to be bled?
  • "it's awful hard to get good tunips this time of year"?
  • "that's not music - its just noise"?
  • "you know, back in my day..."?
  • choosing garments for their practicality over their appearance?
I'm not ready for that. Not yet. Not yet.

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