Tuesday 1 April 2008

They can see that he's just a fool

There was a report on today's edition of Morning Ireland detailing how, in 2007, the HSE spent €10 million transporting patients (via taxi, mini bus and private ambulance ) to and from hospital for kidney dialysis.

Of this, in excess of €600,000 was spent transporting patients from the midlands to Dublin.

The report then went on to say that Tullamore Midlands Regional Hospital has 5 dialysis stations which currently lie idle because they do not have sufficient staff.

How ridiculous I thought. The fools. Can't Harney and Drumm see the folly of this situation. Anybody with a rudimentary understanding of maths would know that employing 5 nurses to operate the machines would be a cheaper, more efficient and patient friendly approach. Why not make 5 middle managers whose roles are redundant... well, redundant. Pah!

Even Drumm and Dumber couldn't be that brain dead. Could they?

The the realisation dawned - April Fools Day.

Good one RTÉ -you nearly had me.

Oh dear!

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Medbh said...

Mr. M showed me a story in The Star about an old couple who were tailgated by road ragers. When they pulled over, the guys followed them and pepper sprayed them for driving too slow.
I don't think that's an April Fool's joke.