Monday 28 April 2008

The Friday Album Cover #8

This is the first opportunity I have had in 2 weeks to bash out a post or two.

I even found time to throw an obscure album cover together (even though its some ways from Friday). It's probably a bit obscure so I won't take it as a sleight on my artistic abilities if it remains unanswered. My only clues:

  • The album is eponymously titled.
  • Fatmammycat might consider moving there (if such a place existed).
It will be back to sporadic posting from here for a while, so enjoy.


sheepworrier said...

Eeep! I'm dejected...

Can you give us the decade?

Btw, Bonjour - glad to see ur still alive.

The Bad Ambassador said...

It was released in October 2003 sheepworrier.

Its an australian band if that's any use?

B said...

damn, this is annoying me that I cant get this.

the vines or some sh!t like that?

sheepworrier said...

nope - can't think what it is - put us out of our misery.