Monday 28 April 2008

Don't worry baby!

Much of last night was spent lying awake wondering why on earth I had just had a dream about punching a rabbit.

I don't know who or how big the rabbit was. I don't recall how much of a threat it posed or, indeed, if it somehow deserved a punch.

Although I generally don't lend much credence to dream interpretation, a quick google search suggested such dreams are related to fertility or if, like Elmer Fudd, you are "hunting wabbit", a confrontation with your fears.

The CPF was tending more towards the fertility side of things, while I, convinced that punching a rabbit is close enough to hunting one, was inclined to cling desperately to the confrontation theory.

"Perhaps you're confronting your fear of fertility", offered the CPF.

1 comment:

Medbh said...

I'm with CPF. The first thing I thought was *pregnancy*