Monday 28 April 2008

Something to talk about

As I was leaving Andrew Stanley's Mish-Mash gig in the International Bar last week, Marcus Sweeney restauranteur/perma-tanned socialite/cad about town/ex of "The Tragic Katie French"TM(who got a bit annoyed when she posed in her smalls in his restaurant) wooshed past me in a cloudy aura of cash and self-importance. Following hot on his heels was his current squeeze, The Clinic's, Leigh Arnold.

From the snippets of conversation I caught they seemed to be mid tiff. Apparently they had been to a pub to meet her friends. While Leigh was busy catching up with her chums (I suspect that, like the rest of us, Leigh has chums and not, as I had originally suggested "clums"), Marcus was getting the hump because he felt she was ignoring him. He "felt belittled" and about "that small" (you can get creams for that!). Then he stormed off leaving her behind. To be honest*, he seemed like the type of guy any woman would be lucky to have tucking her in at night.

Eventually Marcus came back, murmured a few placating words and they both left in his Range Rover - which only had one headlight working. (The cheap bastard!)

Now, which gutersnipe gossip columnist should I call first?

* If by honest you mean "to peddle untruths".

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