Thursday 13 March 2008


According to today's Irish times, top Irish comedian Mary Harney, yesterday said

THE HEALTH Service Executive should adopt "a bold and innovative" redundancy programme.

The report goes on to say...

Speaking during a Dáil debate on cancer services, the Minister said: "If people in areas of administration or management are superfluous to requirements and there are shortages elsewhere, we should take a bold and innovative approach and consider introducing a redundancy programme".


What is all this 'should' business Mary? How about 'will'? Why not say "The Health Service Executive will adopt a bold and innovative redundancy programme" or "we will take a bold and innovative approach and consider introducing a redundancy programme".

Why not use the considerable weight (DON'T!) your position offers and, just for a change of pace, actually implement something, rather than talking about it? Didn't you say, just last week in the Dáil, that the HSE is answerable to you? Surely this includes ensuring the HSE's budget is used to maximum effect, to provide the most bang for the tax-payer's buck?

Our hospitals operate with some of the highest staff to beds ratios in the world - yet we constantly hear about a lack of front line staff. Why is that - too many chiefs do you think?

If I remember correctly, the very reason the HSE was established (apart of course from providing a cosy buffer zone to separate you from the seething general public) was to unify 11 regional Health Boards and in doing to reap the rewards of a more efficient, streamlined structure. But exactly how much weight was shed (DON'T) as a result of this action Mary? You don't know? Can you make an approximate guess even? Ahhh I see, none is it? Any idea why that might have been?

Redundancy packages should have been offered when the HSE was first formed, she said. "However, this approach was not supported politically or by the trade unions."

Ahhh you were afraid. Afraid of waning popularity. Afraid of losing votes. Afraid of somehow becoming unpopular. So, instead of having the courage to stand behind your political convictions and implement "bold and innovative" changes, you chickened out and figured, thousands, millions of Euro spent on salaries for members of HSE middle management with no discernible role was far more desirable than losing popularity or a few votes.

Well I for one am glad to see that one has worked out for you and you are still as popular and cuddly as ever.



sheepworrier said...

Well said BA.

And equally well done on avoiding the fat jokes, thogh I did notice you sneaked in 'cuddly' there at the end.

Caro said...

If I wanted to adopt a "bold and innovative" redundancy programme I know exactly where I'd start... with the biggest (DON'T) fish of 'em all.

The Bad Ambassador said...

Brilliant caro!