Friday 14 March 2008

The Friday Album Cover #4

This week's album cover demonstrates how useless I am when it comes to drawing faces in MS Paint.

Actually, I can't draw at all - "pencil and paper" or "mouse and MSPaint", it makes no difference.

Here is this weeks... what's the opposite of masterpiece... steaming pile of ???

(Hint: Despite what the chin depicted above suggests, the artist in question is neither Jimmy Hill nor Jay Leno)


gimme a minute said...

Blood on the Tracks.

Great album, dodgy cover.

The Bad Ambassador said...

And with that, sheepworrier's streak of 3 on the bounce (possibly because he was the only reader) came to an end.

One of my favourite albums too gimmie- particularly Simple Twist of fate.

When you say, dodgy cover - are you referring to the original, my interpretation or both?

gimme a minute said...

Both. Cover wise I'm an 'Oh Mercy' man.

Though I also have time for 'John Wesley Harding' and 'Bringing it all back home'.

And 'Highway 61 Revisted.'

'World Gone Wrong' is cool too.

Shit, now I have to go and make a list. Thanks.

Sam, Problemchildbride said...

Ah! Crap! I knew it but Gimme beat me to it.

My husband's from Minnesota and worked with a guy who lived up on Highway 61 in a big old beer barrel. (The really big sort). He harvested nails from the floor at work, and scrap timber from wherever and lived there happily, off the grid, using a gas generator. He paid no taxes apart from road tax etc. and no utilities because the land had been his grandpa's and there was a well on it.

I drove up it about 12 years ago. It's cool.

sheepworrier said...

Damn you Gimme, damn you to hell!

The Bad Ambassador said...

Sheepworrier - Thank God you are OK! Do you have any idea how worried I have been?

For the first 3 album covers you were like that kid in school who answers so many questions the teacher is finally forced to ask "Anybody other than sheepworrier?" to put up their hand once in a while.

And then when I heard nothing on Friday, well I didn't know what to think. Hope all is well.

sheepworrier said...

Heh - I just started celebrating St. Paddys early and was unable to work anything more complicated than a cash machine for the past 4 days.

I promise I'll let the phone ring twice next time so you know I'm ok...