Wednesday 12 March 2008

Underneath Your Clothes

In answering a comment on Monday's I'm Coming Out post, I used the word sartorial. It is, I think, a wonderful, tragically under-utilised word that trips delightfully off your tongue.

Something suggests (to me anyway) that the word applies specifically to men's fashions. Given that, traditionally, tailors specialised in men's clothes, seems to confirm this - pertaining to tailors or their trade.

While I'm sure that, in this relatively modern, mostly enlightened, roughly equal opportunities era, tailors deal in male and female fashions equally, I'm wondering if there is/was a specific, equally delightful, word used to refer to women's fashions.


Sam, Problemchildbride said...


The Bad Ambassador said...

What a wonderful word Sam. Indeed it is equally, criminally underused. Looks like its specific to males fashions again though.