Friday 7 March 2008

The Friday Album Cover #3

Last night, lying in bed, I prepared what would (hopefully) have been a witty, charming preamble to this weeks album cover.

However, having endured a particularly patience-testing morning during which I visited two (yes, two) different doctors about my blisther (which, as it turns out, is actually something slightly more complicated than your common garden blister), I don't feel nearly half as cheery as the preamble would have suggested - so I've abandoned it by the wayside.

Because I have people to meet (colleagues), places to go (the office), things to do (bugs to write) and my regular doctor does not open until 10m, I decided to go to the Medical Centre which recently opened near Ambassador Towers - and opens at 9am.

After briefly explaining what was wrong, the doctor began searching for the blister using her penlight and tongue depressor. It felt like she had dived in up to her elbows - in fact, I'm not entirely sure a miners headlamp and walking stick wouldn't have been more appropriate. Initially, after pulling my gums and cheeks this way and that she proclaimed that she couldn't find anything. Then, during a second examination, she found it... with her tongue depressor... repeatedly. After stabbing, poking and rubbing it, she withdrew behind her desk, shrugged, and suggested "Wisdom teeth?".

"Not likely, I had them taken out"

She shrugged again then: "I think its wisdom teeth. You've definitely had them out?".

"Oh yes! I remember it very clearly"

She shrugs again and looks puzzled - and somewhat nervous.

"Does it look infected or anything?"

Another shrug then "You should go to your dentist and have it X-rayed - I think its your wisdom teeth".

"Great, thanks, bye!"

So, with little faith in her shrugging, I paid my regular doctor a visit - a visit that had a more traditional outcome. Basically "I've seen it before. I know what it is. I know how to treat it". (In my opinion, those 3 sentences, may be the greatest placebo known to man).

"Ahh yes I see it... this is generally caused by A, B and C".

"A and B don't apply to me".

"Ok... have you also experienced any D, E or F".

"Yes, yes and maybe a little"

"Take this, go for some blood tests come back in a week"

Bish! Bash! Bosh! (Obviously, this is a summarised version of events).

Bad doctors. Pah!

Anyway, here is the album cover.

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sheepworrier said...

Neil Young: Harvest

Thats the main reason I havent been near a doc or dentist in ages - feckin gobshites just pretend to know what they're doing most of the time. I really should go to the dentist soon tho - the fang protruding out of the side of my cheek is beginning to rip my jumpers.