Tuesday 11 March 2008

All your life is Channel 13, Sesame Street, What does it mean?

No proper post today.

I spent the best part of the morning in the hospital waiting after my GP sent me for blood tests. (As I know next to nothing about blood, I would say I failed them all).

I arrived at 10am, greeted by a sign informing me that GP Blood tests do not begin until 11:30am.
After a quick coffee and a read of the paper, I made my way back for 11am thinking I would get the jump on other testees (Don't!) and find myself at the top of the queue. No such luck - 59 people ahead of me. There is clearly a GP somewhere in South Dublin issuing orders for blood tests like they were diplomas from Dundalk IT.

In all, 6 vials of blood were extracted. I'm not sure how much I have left or if the guy who took it might have been the count from Sesame Street in disguise.

Feeling woosey now. Losing... strength. Must... publish... post.


Sam, Problemchildbride said...

Ratfink phlebotomists!

Caro said...

Makes a change, the health service bleeding people dry in the literal rather than the "government coffers" sense...