Tuesday 5 February 2008

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

R, the Italian, who has been living in Ireland for a little over a year, has an eye for the ladies and is a great man for a drinking session. It was only natural then, that he should take to Ireland in much the same way Shane McGowan might take to a pint of Guinness.

When T-man made a passing comment about Super-Pancake-Tuesday, the Italian, his ears obviously pricked, turned to us and enquired "What do you do in Ireland on Pancake Tuesday?". (He loves to immerse himself in Irish customs and culture)

"What do you think we do?" asked T-man, "the clue is in the name".

"Yes I know" replied R, "but what else do you do?" He the proceeded to explain how at home in Italy, the last day before Lent is marked with a Mardi Gras style festival.

"We just make pancakes at home" said T-man, "There are no big celebrations, nobody goes to the pub or anything. It's all very sedate."

"Oh" said a visibly crestfallen R, "What will I do with all the beads?"

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Caro said...

My Italian went off to dress up in frills, velvet half-length trousers and a plumey hat to burn a traitor. I stayed home and gorged myself on pancakes.

I like our tradition better, even if it doesn't sound very exciting.