Thursday 7 February 2008

Throw away your television

The people who live across the road from us have bought a new TV.

It is monstrous. Huge.

When looking out our sitting room window, you can see their television with greater clarity than the one plugged in 6 feet away. Even from across the street, the actor's head on their TV screen is probably larger than it is in "real life". Far larger in fact - except maybe in the case of Mr. Scientology himself.

They have a son who is around 1 year old and, unless Mammy and Daddy have a slightly unhealthy obsession with 'Dora the Explorer', he seems to watch a great deal of television - which concerns me somewhat.

When that child goes out into the world it will be distraught and more than a little worried that everybody's head is so alarmingly small. Presumably his eyes will dart from side to side as he sits in his buggy trying to spot any tribal head-shrinkers lurking.

Still, its not my position to tell them how to raise their children. Think I might buy them a subscription to Sky Sports for Valentines Day - then I could watch the football on Sundays.

(The title of today's post is brought to you courtesy of 'Throw Away Your Television' from the Red Hot Chili Peppers 8th Studio album, 'By the Way')


sheepworrier said...

It'll be great when the child is a teenager - the whole neighbourhood will be able to watch the 10 min teaser on playboy channel every night...

Caro said...

That's very handy. I'd make friends with them if I were you...