Monday 25 February 2008

In, out, in out, (shake it all about)

I expect the quantity of posts will be severely reduced this week. [insert own gag about the quality of posts increasing as a result]

Those of you who aren't sacrificing members of Westlife or offering prayers of thanks to your Deity of choice, may be wondering why there will be so few posts. Well......

I plan to devise a campaign for the widespread return of white, plastic air fresheners with a brightly coloured, jelly like substance inside it.

Enough with air fresheners that are designed to look aesthetically pleasing, sitting smugly on a sideboard or table, looking like a small funky ornament while emitting a sickly sweet fragrance.

Arrivederci plug-in air fresheners. No more plugging them out and balancing them precariously on the window sill in order to plug the Dyson in. Never again will I catch young nephews about to down their alluring contents!

So long Fancy Dan air fresheners that automatically spray 10 times per hour and those that cause rose petals to fall from the ceiling (or so their adverts would have you believe).

I want an air freshener containing a semi solid goo I can stick my finger in!


sheepworrier said...

But they were so shite, and it took ages to get the smell of decaying violets off your hands after touching the gel stuff...

The Bad Ambassador said...

I can't remember the quality of the fragrance they provided... all I remember was the sensation of pushing my index finger through the white plastic and plunging it deep into the gel.

It rocked my little 7 year old world.

Caro said...

I used to like the white roundy ones cos you could take the spherical lid off, put it on your head and pretend to be the pope.

The Bad Ambassador said...

The pope eh?

Can't say I ever tried that, but all the children on my street used to wear the cardboard boxes the Erin soup packets used to come in.