Tuesday 26 February 2008

Take me out...

The decorating focus has now moved to the bathroom. Nothing major - the plan is to give it a coat or two of paint to keep it looking somewhat respectable until we get around to tiling it.

Eager to get stuck in, Sunday afternoon was spent doing a few odd jobs in preparation. Some lumps were sanded down, some fittings removed and some holes filled - all while trying to keep one eye on the football and the other on the college basketball (roll on March Madness).

During the clean up operation the vice grips somehow avoided capture, probably due to the distraction of what was a very exciting basketball game. They remained on the bathroom window sill until the close personal friend found them yesterday afternoon. She put them back in the toolbox, but not before sending this text...

I've put the vice grips back in the toolbox. I think people would start to wonder about the quality of our diet if we leave them in the loo.

1 comment:

Medbh said...

She's funny.
You'd be getting inquiries about the lack of fiber in your diets.