Wednesday 27 February 2008

Is you game MVP like Steve Nash?

(There's something about white Irish guys and basketball terminology that don't mix isn't there? I will watch almost any sport on television - especially basketball. Except, that is, when its basketball...on RTÉ...with Irish commentators. "He pulls up and nails the three from downtown" just doesn't work when its said by a 50 year old, freckly Irish man with a thick Kerry brogue!)

I played a lot of basketball in my day but coming in a good deal more under 6 foot than I would have liked, I was never destined to play the "big man" role. I needed a little more finesse, refinement and close ball control. (This actually worked out quite well as, coming from one of Dublin's not so affluent suburbs, I had developed hands which were naturally lightening quick - though not for the purposes of basketball you understand).

Instead of being the guy who produced the powerhouse displays, I was the guy who fired shots from 20ft away. Yet for every score, for every 3-pointer that hit "nothing but net", I always garnered more satisfaction from the pass that set a team mate up for a basket. I tried to model myself on guys like John Stockton, Jason Kidd and Steve Nash. Players who can see passes nobody even knows are there, who can thread the ball through 2 or 3 opposition players so only their team mate can reach it. And best of all, who would make an inch perfect pass without even looking in the direction of their target.

Nash is phenomenal - he epitomises the type of player I aspired to. The range and quality of his passing, quite simply, astounding. Check some of them out for yourself... even if you don't like basketball, I have no doubt that you will be impressed.

Sadly however, I've discovered the secret behind his incredible ability and, like child who has learned how you made the coin appear from behind their ear, the magic is gone.

I feel so cheated!

(Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland - Promiscuous)

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