Wednesday 2 January 2008

What I did on my holidays

Happy New 2008!

Still not quiet up to speed after a long, lazy break so here, in summary form, is what I did on my holidays!

Santa brought a 5 day break in Venice for the 'close personal friend' - which she was absolutely delighted about. Unfortunately the element of surprise was completely blind sided when GW, a friend of mine, (who, in fairness, didn't realise it was meant to remain a secret - mainly because I hadn't thought to tell him) innocently enquired if she was looking forward to the trip. (Probably just as well really - history shows the cpf does not handle surprise well.)

If anybody knows any must see sights that don't make the regular guide books or any good places to sample the local fare or nightlife I would be delighted to hear them.


Sister Ambassador and I, bought a Nintendo games console for Mammy and Daddy Ambassador. The coffee table, 3 cups, a glass and a digital camera lie in numerous pieces along the path of destruction it subsequently wreaked. Suffice to say the entire family have developed Wii-petitive strain injury.


I turned down the chance to fill the support slot at a gig after Christmas and instead went on second in order to meet an old friend in town. If there is such a thing as "comic timing" then there must also be a corresponding entity known as "drunken-eejit timing" which an extremely inebriated gentleman in the audience possessed in spades. Although I doubt he had ever heard the material before, he managed to interject loudly at critical points in the first two stories. He wasn't so much of a heckler as a "shouter-of-inane-things". His drunken "quips" were too loud to ignore but to address them was to disrupt the flow of the material and ruin the payoff. Bit of a poor gig as a result but apart from a lack of experience, which may have allowed me to revive the fortunes of the set, I don't think it was down to my preparation or delivery so I am not too despondant.


I spent 3 hours being flung around and around, turned upside down and tossed this way and that at the annual scanger-fest that is Fundeland. We left different shades of green and vowed never to go there again but I suspect the boy will want to go again next year and that we, twonks that we are, will relent.


So that's it. How was your break - did you make any resolutions that might see the first light of March?


Stonedog said...

Happy New Year !!

My resolutions last year were to quit smoking and lose weight, I managed both. This year I'm all out of vices so I'll go with more weight loss, wish me luck !.

Medbh said...

I can't do amusement park rides, BA. If I want to make myself dizzy, I'd rather drink half a bottle of Stoli. More fun than a rollercoaster,too.

I'm new to the whole resolutions tradition. I hope I can keep going to the gym so that I don't grow a hump on my back in old age like my dear granny.