Thursday 31 January 2008

Money (That's what I want)

From today's Irish Times:

Ahern says pay comparison 'puts my salary at €600,000'

Any pay-scale comparison with the private sector would have given the Taoiseach a salary of at least €600,000, Bertie Ahern told the Dáil yesterday....

... Mr Ahern said any comparison with even the "lowest quartile" of the private sector "would have put my salary at €600,000 - not that I needed that, I can tell you. They didn't do that, and I wouldn't have taken it."....

Well of course he doesn't fucking NEED it - he's been getting money from the world and his mother (see what I did there). He's been the lucky recipient of so much money he can't remember who most of it came from, the currency involved or which particular super market's plactic bag it was delivered in.

Not only is he out-crookeding the crooked man who walked a crooked mile, he's fucking bragging about it too. He may as well have said "€600,000? Pah! I have more dan dat in me sock drawer wot I got from developers and dat".

He has received money from people who are his friends, people who aren't his friends, people who didn't eat dinners, people who ate dinners, people who bought houses (or intended to buy houses or rented houses or once saw a house or something), people who may never have existed and a homeless man who felt sorry for him because poverty-stricken Bertie doesn't have the luxury of "prolonged holidays and yachts and homes and everything else" (Bertie Ahern: 13/Nov/2007).

As if that wasn't enough, yesterday he received an email informing him that he had won €2.5 million in the Spanish lottery - even though he has never bought a ticket. (I know, because I sent the email) All he has to do is provide his bank account details and pay a small administration fee. (Thanks be to jaysus he didn't win it in the 90's when he had no bank account eh? That would have been unfortunate).

Of course if he were a private sector employee he would be long gone by now. In the private sector you can't get away with that kind of shit. "Forgot your wifes birthday did you - I'll be sorry to see you go".

Cheeky bastard!


red said...

This shit just leaves me speechless. Not that that stops me from leaving a comment with no content though. Just to let you know I read and I'm stunned.

Medbh said...

Ahern's crying the poor mouth so often you almost think he believes it.

Caro said...

Nobody earns anything like 600K in the lowest quartile of anything except perhaps tribunal judges.

Plus if the Dail sitting for 90 odd days a year doesn't allow for prolonged holidays, I think poor Bertie needs a lesson in time management as well as money management.

I'd love to trip him up and maybe even break his nose. The fucker.