Wednesday 23 January 2008


If stats provided courtesy of sitemeter and feedburner are correct, this blog receives a disproportionate number of hits from people in France Google-ing the words some people call me the space cowboy.

Although the title of the post which generates the hit matches their search term exactly, the post itself has little to do with space or indeed cowboys. The post, about stand up comedy, was so titled because "some people call me the space cowboy" are the first seven words of The Steve Miller Band song 'The Joker'. In hindsight, perhaps it was a little too obscure.

Although it is probably nothing more than people with a desire to learn the lyrics to one of the finest songs from the 70's, I fear it is self-conscious teenagers turning to the Internet in search of some anonymous Agony-Aunt/Uncle who can guide them through the trauma of a strange new insult.

My advice: just call your tormentor a "fat pompatus".

Update: Of course, a similar search will now return 2 links to this blog, neither of which are actually about The Steve Miller Band or the song 'The Joker'. Perhaps I should just post the lyrics to help these people out?

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sheepworrier said...

"Really love your peaches want to shake your tree"