Thursday 24 January 2008

Shake, shake, shake... shake your booty!

I learned two things listening to the radio this morning....

George Baker Selections 'Little Green Bag' (the track used when Messrs Blonde, Brown, Blue, Orange, Pink and White leave the diner during the opening sequence of Reservoir Dogs) should be added to the 'List of songs you shouldn't listen to when travelling at high speeds on a motorbike'. The urge to get my graceless grove* on proved irresistable.

*I'm suspect I may be musically dyslexic. I can hear a rhythm - its just not necessarily the rhythm of the song.


In a survey carried out to determine a list of men's names which suggest to women that the owner is particularly well endowed, my name appeared in the top 10. I have 2 points about this...

Who is so eager to learn these kinds of useless information that they commission a survey? Wouldn't the time, effort and money invested in performing surveys be better spent on usefull things? Things like "Why does Friends appear so often, on so many different stations in our TV listings?"

That my name made the top 10 proves how inaccurate these polls can be. Polls can not be trusted. Ever. (That's Polls, not Poles. They're lovely).

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