Monday 5 November 2007

A Politically Correct Christmas

In a large-ish chain store yesterday, I noticed a sign encouraging customers to donate childrens' toys to a charity drive they are running in the lead up to Christmas. The toys will be redistributed to children in the third world and in less well off Irish families.

If you are considering spending a few quid on a toy for this undoubtedly worthy cause, you should be aware that there are some restrictions governing the toys that can be donated.

  • The toy must be new. None of your second hand rubbish if you don't mind.
  • It should not have been manufactured using child/slave labour.
  • It should not require batteries.
  • It should not have been manfactured in a country ruled by an oppressive regime.
  • It should not have any religous connections. (That's John the Baptist dolls off the list).
  • It should not be related to warfare of any kind. (GI Joe, guns, toy soldiers, tanks and so on).
Politically, morally and ethically correct it may be, but it also goes to show that beggars can in fact be choosers.

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