Wednesday 21 November 2007

Mind where you're... ooomph!

Sitting, perched on a stool in the window of a small coffee shop in the centre of Dublin, the close personal friend and I, were chatting, enjoying some lunch and watching the world go by. The motorbike was parked on the path on the far side of the road.

That's the handy thing about motorbikes - its generally very easy to find parking right outside your destination, especially if the path is as wide as this one. You would easily have parked 2 cars side by side on it. I had even been considerate enough to leave the bike well out of the natural path pedestrians would take. The path narrowed considerably up ahead so I figured only OCD types who are compelled to walk only in straight lines and turn only at right angles would be inconvenienced.

Unfortunately I hadn't reckoned on blind people.

He came around the corner, tapping his 4ft long white stick back and forth, from left to right, ahead of him. I still have no idea how he missed the bike but obviously the stick never made contact with the bike, because he did. At some pace too.

It is not easy to look inconspicuous sitting in a shop front while trying to get 2 crash helmets out of sight.

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