Monday 19 November 2007

Lifes Little Mysteries #2

Last week Professor John Crown, consultant medical oncologist, was dropped from a discussion panel on the Late Late Show at short notice. It would be cynical to suggest that one of Mary Harney's most scathing critics was dropped by RTÉ as a result of political pressure applied by Ms. Harney's henchmen.

According to RTÉ, Noel Curran, the station's managing director of television, reviews and approves the guest list before the show airs each Friday. In doing so, he decided that the proposed discussion panel lacked balance and required changes. Prof. Crown was dropped as a result.

Strangely this week, after reviewing the guestlist, Noel Curran thought it made sense to leave David McSavage on it.

(While I'm on the subject, he decided to leave Ian O'Doherty on it too..... and Pat Kenny)

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