Friday 30 November 2007

I don't want to know...

While reading a blog* I used to frequent quite... ehh... frequently, I noticed a sitemeter icon.

Curious to see how many hits, if any, this blog would receive, I created an account, amended my template as required and slapped my hands together in satisfaction at a job well done. Not expecting an army of avid readers (I once got 5 comments on a post, exceeding my wildest expectations) I haven't really paid it any attention since. A moment ago I took a quick look and, as expected, the servers belonging to the good folk at are in no danger of overheating while trying to keep track of the traffic through here.

In addition to the number of hits received, the sitemeter account allows you to see how people get to your page. My account shows among others, links from the blogs of Sarah and Medbh and one visit from a Google search.

Clicking the link for the Google search opens the screen the visitor saw when they performed the search that returned a link to this blog - complete with search terms in the URL and text field... and here is it.

What exactly was this person searching for?

My best (clean) guess is that a female teacher (who is a grandparent) had suffered the loss of a desk which she was very fond of (but not in a weird way). Initially she was very distressed by the loss but thanks to many hours of counselling she has dealt with her grief and is now getting on with her life - hence the headline "Granny Teacher Over Desk".

Any other guesses? Answers on a postcard.

* The blog in question was - written by a once homeless, schizophrenic fighting an alcohol problem.


sheepworrier said...

What puzzles me more is how that is related to your site... is there something you're not telling us BA?

The Bad Ambassador said...

No, I'm pure as the driven snow me.

The words over and desk were matches in a post about a primary school teacher while the word granny found a match in the post about Granny Ambassador.

I was the 4th result returned too. I wonder what the kinkiest search term other bloggers (other than Belle de Jour et al) can use to get a hit to their blog?

Andraste said...

Well, my blog has both "horse" and "ass" in the title and I say "fuck" a lot. You should see the searches that send people over to me.

I really should have thought of that as I was creating the blog. Hindsight (HA!) is 20/20, non?

The Bad Ambassador said...

ok - well maybe I should have said "a combination of words that on their own are perfectly normal but, when used in conjunction with each other, suggest at least a mild level of kinkiness.

Medbh said...

The google searches that bring people to your blog is always a source of amusement, BA. One of the latest to make me shake my head was "missed my period is that a problem." You betcha, sister.
I don't get many kinky ones except for a repeated request for women having sex with lobsters.

Anonymous said...

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