Thursday 8 November 2007

For what its worth...

Yesterday, when ranting about cancer screening in Portlaoise, I mentioned the resignation of a Norwegian Minister on the grounds that she had paid her childminder under the table.

I must confess that, at the time, I was trying my best to remember the content of an article I read some time ago. I didn't know her name. I wasn't sure what the ministry was. I was pretty sure Norway was the correct county although I was aware there was a chance it could be Sweden.

Well my best was clearly nowhere near good enough. The politician in question was Mona Shalin - she is Swedish and the current leader of the Social Democratic Party. She did find herself in a spot of bother over the childminder issue but it did not result in her resignation.

Instead she resigned, as Deputy Prime Minister, over improper use of a charge card which was intended for working expenses only. In her own words, "Jag köpte två Toblerone, blöjor och cigaretter". (I bought two Toblerone, diapers and cigarettes).

Quite the colourful character it would seem. According to wikipedia: In 2002 Sahlin's car was prohibited from being driven, yet received a number of parking tickets during this time. Sahlin has in fact received numerous parking tickets (98 in just one year) .....Eventually the government gave her a reserved parking space to solve the matter.

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