Thursday 29 November 2007

Like a witness at the Mahon tribunal...

....I can't remember.

Last night, amidst all the gesticulating, sighing and obscenities inspired by an insipid Liverpool performance, I had half an idea for something to write about today... but now I haven't the foggiest idea what it could have been. Could be the early onset of Alzheimer's - on the plus side, soon I will be able to watch my favourite movie every day. "The gimpy lad is Kaiser Soze? Who would have thunk it?". You just have to remember what your favourite movie is.

(My apologies if you have never seen The Usual Suspects - you might also be interested in hearing my opinions on The Sixth Sense and The Crying Game)

I really should start taking notes on these little ideas when they originally make themselves known. In the past I would rigidly adhere to this practice - even going so far as to wake myself up sufficiently to write down what I, at the time, considered comedy gold. In the cold light of day however they never seemed to raise even a chuckle. In fact more often than not they left me wondering what the hell I was thinking.

I figured it was either stop writing middle-of-the-night "ideas" or start paying somebody €200 an hour for the privilege of lying on his/her couch once a week and allowing them to determine if I was still medically sane.


gimme a minute said...

I was going to post on a very similar theme today, but then I forgot.

My step-father makes voice notes on to his organiser in this sort of situation. The plonker.

Medbh said...

I once had what I was convinced was a brilliant idea for a novel. And then I forgot it.
Have paper and pens with you.

the global scientist said...

i'd like to hear your opinion on 'The Bridges of Madison County' though....dont pay any cunt to listen to your problems...those boys are in worse nick than the rest of us

Caro said...

Ha that's like when you... er... no, sorry, it's gone.