Monday 3 November 2008

Country Feedback

On Friday evening we paid a visit to Kildare to see the CPF's highly strung sister and her delightful children (aged 4 and 7½).

The adults sipped wine and chatted about adulty things while the children and your intrepid Ambassador plonked themselves cross-legged on the floor surrounded by numerous toys and a veritable EU mountain of sticky, gooey treats (the swag from their trick-or-treating expedition) .

The highlight of my evening was showing my four year old nearly-nephew how his Spiderman walkie-talkies could be used to generate eardrum-busting, rock-star-like feedback. Needless to say I was the recipient of some choice text messages on Saturday morning!

I'll take the blame on that score... but somebody else must have taught him to kick the coffee table over before smashing his Fisher Price guitar through the Hi-Fi's speakers!

(Apparently they also found his Little Tykes Coupe had been crashed into the paddling pool)


red leeroy said...

rock star in the making

Stonedog said...

Ah, setting yourself up as 'The Cool Uncle' I see, nice work ;)

Anonymous said...

I want one of those walkie-talkies - Crazy what you could have had eh ? :-)

The Bad Ambassador said...

Indeed Conor - I tried to convince the CPF that I could really do with a set.

I imagine they could get you out of so many speeding/parking tickets. A quick flash of the red, web-patterned walkie-talkie and a knowing "I'm on official spiderman business"

How could it fail?

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