Friday 21 November 2008

The Friday Album Cover #23

I got back to the embassy a shade the wrong side of 4am last night/this morning.

A good night was had by all - but right now I am still a little sleepy, the spin in on the bike having blown most of the cobwebs away.

Right - lets get this over with so SW can get back to work.


Rosie said...

modest mouse! good news for people who love bad news!


Rosie said...

sorry. i got a bit overexcited with the exclamation marks and the caps. it won't happen again.

The Bad Ambassador said...

Not at all Rosie - or should that be Rosies given you are the champions

'tis truly a joyous occasion.

Getting there before sheepworrier and redleroy is truly a joyous occasion. A bit like

David beating Goliath

Munster beating the All Blacks in 1978

Offaly beating Kerry in the 1982 All Ireland football final

Will Young beating Gareth Gates on Pop Idol.

sheepworrier said...

Damned friday morning meeting! Curses be upon stupid feckin clients who don't realise the great importance of getting the Friday Album Cover 1st.

Well done rosie.

red leeroy said...

I sat staring at it wishing I was hip. well done rosie.

B said...

by far their worst album, remove float on and it's unlistenable.