Tuesday 25 November 2008

When I look back at all the crap I learned in high school..

Every Monday evening I pick up a couple of iced buns from the local shop, get on the bike and head over to Granny Ambassador's where we discuss the latest goings on in the lives of her batty old friends over a cup of tea.

My route always takes me down Davitt Road, along the Grand Canal, and through the sweeping right turn onto Dolphin Road (see the map above - drawn using MS Paint naturally*).

Due to the angle at which the roads meet, it is possible to come through the junction at speed (possibly as a result of putting the hammer down to make the lights) without the need to worry about running wide and becoming over-acquainted with the sturdy oak trees lining Dolphin road. A quick counter steer of the handle bars, shift your weight over to right hand side of the bike and she glides quickly and smoothly through the bend.

Last week, while travelling in the car, I found myself coming through the same junction a little on the fast side. I quickly learned an important lesson in physics (one I don't remember Mr. Meany ever covering during my leaving cert years):

The turning force generated by shifting your bodyweight about a vehicle is inversely proportional to the weight and speed of the vehicle on/in which you are travelling.
I did briefly consider opening the drivers door and hanging my arse out - if only for comic value - but, realising it wouldn't have the desired effect (and would probably result in a nasty bout of road rash), I resorted instead to more conventional methods -panicking, braking hard and frantically turning the steering wheel - to help me negotiate the turn.

Having (just about) navigated the turn I continued on my way at a more sedate pace - and extremely glad I had chosen to wear my brown jeans that evening.

* May not be true

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Medbh said...

Brown jeans.
Mr. M's out on the bike now so I always hold my breath until he gets back.