Monday 6 October 2008

Closer than close!

It's getting closer. Almost tangibly close. Not tangible in the strictest sense of course - but soon I will be able to point to a 2 inch square on a Violent Veg calendar and say "That...[pause for theatrical gulp]... that is the day I will be married" (Not marred).

While we are both looking forward to being married, I think it's fair to say the act of actually getting married is being viewed with some apprehension as neither I, nor the CPF, particularly enjoy being the centre of attention.

The slimmed down format we chose to adopt means there aren't many pieces to the "big day" puzzle and, by extension, there is not a great deal to organise. Yet, every decision made, every deposit placed seems like a giant step towards next June.

On Saturday morning the CPF took my future mother-in-law to see the dress had she tried on (and loved) two weeks ago. Before they returned, the order had been placed and the dress paid for in full.

In time honoured tradition, I want to know nothing of the shape, size, cut or colour of the dress. Yet, convinced I will lose all composure* upon seeing the CPF walk up the aisle, I find myself in the peculiar position of wanting to know just a little of what to expect lest I am rendered speechless by the vision of beauty before me.

At present, all I have to go on are the following texts the CPF received from her father ..

I've heard all about the dress. Am sworn to secrecy but some of the words used were 'fabulous', 'beautiful' and 'simply stunning'.

and sister...
Mam says your dress is beautiful. Very elegant. You will look gorgeous in it.

Aren't I the lucky one?

* I cheerfully admit that I expect to lose my composure and cry like a big girl on a number of occasions throughout the day.


Rosie said...

you are.

red said...

I don't envy you but I'm sure it will be a fantastic day.