Thursday 16 October 2008

The Friday Album Cover #18

Is it just me or is The Friday Album Cover coming around more frequently than it used to? It seems that no sooner have I poster one album cover, then sheepworrier has guessed it and the next deadline comes whoosing by!

Contrary to what first impressions may suggest, this week's album was not recorded by Nick Cave after he had been horribly disfigured in an out of control house fire. The head of the artist in question is, in fact, a more reasonable size and in proportion with the rest of his/her body.

If you don't pay too much heed to the head area it may look reasonably similar to the actual album cover.

Off you go!

[Edit: It might help to look at it cross eyed]


sheepworrier said...

Tempted to say Johnny Cash: American Recordings, but I don't think it is. Hmmmm. I'm off to ponder.

redleeroy said...

got into work, headed straight for and low and behold. I had no idea what this weeks cover was.

The Bad Ambassador said...

Hmmm - I wouldn't have expected this one to last too long if I'm honest. Wonky head or otherwise.

Looks like its up to red or rosie so!

PRyin said...

Tried varying degrees of cross-eyed, upsidedown, staring for fifteen seconds and blinking at the wall and many combinations thereof. To no avail... well, I did see Jesus, so that's something.

redleeroy said...

sheep was right no ?

The Bad Ambassador said...

@Leeroy: If that was the album cover I intended to replicate I have placed the album title in the wrong location, completely ignored the dogs, lopped of Johnny's legs and rearranged the clouds.

I'll be the first to admit that the my drawing talents are definitely lacking - but I think I deserve a little more credit than that


Did you ever get the feeling there is something everybody knows... except you? Apparently this is something nobody knows.... except me.

I can't be the only person to own a copy of this album!

sheepworrier said...

Ahh, the clue gave it away - divine comedy: a secret history.

did you go to the duke special and neil hannon gig then with darren, lottie, maxi et al?

The Bad Ambassador said...

Yep - myself and the CPF were at the gig sheepie. Not with lottie et. al. though - I've never met another blogger in the flesh (at least not knowingly). It was nothing short of phenomenal (resists temptation to sing the Muppet's theme tune).

Just out of curiosity - are you planning to count this one among your number of "wins"?

Caro said...

I knew this one, shite, too late yet again.

The Bad Ambassador said...

Caro: I think you could claim a moral victory on this one if you didn't need a clue!

(Please tell me you didn't need a clue - it would at least suggest that my representation of it isn't one million miles away from the original!)

Caro said...

I didn't need a clue - I have this album! I actually have just about all the Divine Comedy albums, I used to totally worship the ground Neil Hannon walked on. The last couple of albums have left me a bit cold though.

sheepworrier said...

Caro can claim this one as I would've been completely stumped without the clue.

Never really got into Divine Comedy, tho I do love Duke, so should maybe give them another good listening to. Im going to see Foy Vance this weekend tho, so that should make up for missing it.