Friday 24 October 2008

The Friday Album Cover #19

It has been a good week.

The new albums from Duke Special and Ben Folds have been purchased, listened to and thoroughly enjoyed.

I did a gig last night and managed to fill 15 minutes without using any material - and it was good too (which caught me by surprise). Of course, it helps when the guy from the anti-litter ad (the boys and the girls in the fashion parade) and a woman who works in Arnotts lingerie department are in the crowd. Sometimes it all falls right into your lap.

The only downside was my complete un-preparednesses of this weeks album cover which comes from the early 90's. If the face in last weeks obfuscated matters then the outlook is bleak.

And now, on with the show....


sheepworrier said...

Sweet jeebus, I had a nightmare just like this last nite!

sheepworrier said...

Btw, congrats on the gig.

The Bad Ambassador said...

It is quite ghoulish I suppose.

Reminds me a little of Quentin Blake's illustrations for Roald Dahl's "The Witches"

redleeroy said...

no idea............again.

B said...

Ever notice how Dara O'Briain's shows always have very interesting members of the crowd?

Then Jerry Seinfeld has a near identical batch of hecklers at every show and he uses the same comebacks.