Thursday 30 October 2008

The Friday Album Cover #19 (Side B)

No takers on Fridays effort then?

It was meant to be 0898 Beautiful South by The Beautiful South (who split in 2007 citing"musical similarities").

Here is the original:

I thought it was a pretty decent likeness myself.


sheepworrier said...

It was a good likeness - I've just never seen the original album before, despite being quite fond of a few beautiful south tunes.
Thought somebody would've got it tho.

redleeroy said...

yeah i had never seen it either, although your rendering was very good. Will we be sent the delights of another one tomorrow ?

The Bad Ambassador said...

That remains to be seen.

Starting a new project this week (hat tip to Michael Lynn - yes that Michael Lynn) and already I am sick to the back teeth of "standup meetings" (where, to date, not one joke has been told) and meetings about meetings.

If there is an album cover tomorrow - expect it to be a nice simple one.

redleeroy said...

huzzah. Hope.

Lottie said...

Boo urns - I didn't get in on Friday and this is the first one I would have gotten on first glance.

I swear!

B said...

so paul heaton split up with himself?