Wednesday 14 January 2009

Calendar Girl

A few days into January the CPF was gifted a page-a-day desktop calendar - "Life's Little Instruction Calendar 2009" offering 365 pearls of wisdom from the pen of H. Jackson Brown.

While such calendar's are hardly enough to base a whole belief system on, I've always liked them because among the trite, time worn cliches there are always a few gems that are original, quirky or funny enough to warrant committing to memory.

I presume the instinct to seek out key personal dates on receiving such calendars is not unique to me. The CPF, for one, does it too.

Yesterday evening she giddily presented me with the calendar opened on the date of our fast approaching nuptials*. It said...

Marry the right person, its life's only shortcut to happiness.

Of course that's not strictly true, there are numerous other shortcut's to happiness. Fast motorbikes, good wine (or simply 'lots of wine'), lottery wins, hard drugs, or the slow painful death of Louis Walsh to name but a few. It is a nice thought however - and far more preferable to the one I recently tore off and swiftly binned lest the CPF see it and stick it on the fridge:

It's never over until your wife says it's over.

* T minus less-than-5-months (and counting) to the big day.


Rosie said...


and i say that without a hint of sarcasm.

Caro said...

It's a sign!

The Bad Ambassador said...

I know Rosie - Louis Walsh dead.

Can you imagine a happier time?