Wednesday 5 December 2007

You're damned if you don't....

So at 10 minutes to 5 this morning I found myself with a that choice again - make a quick trip to the toilet or stay curled up, under the duvet, with the close personal friend.

Conscious of my experience 2 mornings ago I gently lifted her hand from my chest and, in an effort to stop cold air infiltrating the bed's cosiness, slid out sideways without lifting the covers. Making my way slowly and sleepily across the bedroom to the en-suite, eyes barely open lest I wake any more than absolutely necessary, I went about my business listening for the sound of water on porcelain (water-on-water being far too loud when trying to keep yourself in a state as close to sleep as possible).

If it was up to me, the flush could have waited until after the radio had switched on and the curtains opened - but the proximity of cpf meant this wasn't an option. The first step of my journey back to bed would have met with a very sleepy, and equally grumpy "FLUSH!".

Despite my best efforts, could I get back asleep? Not a chance. Well actually, that is not strictly true - I did manage to fall asleep but only 10 minutes before I was due to wake up and, typically, it was the type of slumber Rip Van Winkle would be proud of.

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day may be good for you, but its probably best not to drink half of in the hour and a half before you go asleep.


sheepworrier said...

The only way forward now seems to be incontinence pants.
mmmm, squelchy...

Medbh said...

Flush after you wake up if it's only a little pee. Sleep is more important.

The Bad Ambassador said...

You know sheepworrier, In one of my more childish moments I once toyed with the idea of a tube running from the bed, across the floor and into the toilet.

I figured I would get too used to it and would find myself with some explaining to do after staying over at a friends without my revolutionary invention.

It was rejected for no saner reason than that.