Wednesday 12 December 2007

Don't say I never do anything for you...

Yesterday evening as I was mulling over some possible set lists for Friday night, I was hmmming and hawwing over whether I should include a couple of "lines" that occurred to me during the whole Katy French/cocaine saga.

Given that the nation is in mourning over the death of the pretty blonde girl (well according to the Indo anyway), it might be a little soon to do such material - especially as I generally aim to present an affable, genial persona during gigs... but wait too long for fear of offending anybody and its no longer relevant or topical.

Anyway, in thinking about all of this I was reminded of an MP3 called "My Life In Serious Organised Crime" which was available from the website of English comedian Mark Thomas.

Essentially it centred around the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (Socpa) which made it illegal to demonstrate anywhere near the Houses of Parliament without official police permission. Dismayed by what he saw as draconian legislation Thomas set about using the law in an attempt to have it scrapped. He began organising Mass Lone Demonstrations whereby hundreds of people would descend on Charring Cross Police station once a week to submit an official form requesting permission to hold a one person demonstration inside the exclusion zone defined by the act. They requested permission to protest for things like the revival of the twinky perm or the banning of fox hunting - swamping the police in paperwork in the process.

Thinking the nice boys and girls who chance across this blog might like to hear Mark's story, I though I would make it the topic of today's post. After checking his website to find the required link I found it is no longer there. Blowing my post idea clean out of the water.

Instead, I will just have to tell you that I saw a box set containing all of Eddie Izzard's DVDs in Virgin for €23. I can't recommend them highly enough, go buy them - you won't regret it.

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