Thursday 6 December 2007

By comparrison, its easy to get your hands on a Wii..

(Strangely, despite the title and my most recent posts, this is not a further missive on my nocturnal bathroom habbits.)

Its almost eight o'clock - time to call Rabo Direct and talk to one of our representatives about a savings an investment plan for you.

WHAT? WHY? I despise these type of adverts and, by extension the monkeys who devise them. (I saw "monkey" because somebody is clearly applying the Infinite Monkey Theorem to the world of advertising).

Why is 8am the time to call Rabo Direct? What happens if I call them after that - are they grumpier? Is the investment advice dished out better in the morning? Do they only open their phone lines to the public for a pre-determined 10 minute window each day? Rubbish!


Its almost November - time to buy a birthday card for the close personal friend because there will be no decent "Happy Birthday Close Personal Friend" cards to be had in the 3 weeks before her Christmas Eve birthday.

Now THAT would be a worthwhile ad.


Stonedog said...

The Junior Stonedog shares a birthday with your CPL.

Stonedog said...

Obviously that should have said CPF, I blame my inability to type on the hangover !!.

The Bad Ambassador said...

I was just going to say I know the PL is for "panty line" but what is the C for?

Stonedog said...

Um.....commando ?