Wednesday 3 December 2008

There's a splinter in your eye and it reads REACT.

Chatting to a friend on MSN Messenger earlier.

TBA: I went over to PC World at lunchtime

J: Anything interesting?

TBA: No - you really have to watch what you say over there though.

J: Why?

J: Ha ha ha.

J: Never mind.

Funniest. Reaction. Ever. (for that particular gag)


gimme a minute said...

Sergeant Peppers. No wait, Blonde on Blonde.

If you can post on Thursday, I can guess on Wednesday.

The Bad Ambassador said...

By all means feel free to guess as often as you wish, whenever you wish.

However, this week's album cover is not quite as monumental or ground breaking as Sgt. Pepper's or Blonde on Blonde.

red leeroy said...

you did the white album already yeah ?

sheepworrier said...

D:Ream - World?

The Bad Ambassador said...

It has appeared - but it has never been a featured album cover.

By the way, if it's not to much trouble, in addition to making early guesses could you take a little time to gently rib J.

gimme a minute said...

J, you dumb fucking toolbox.

Oh, you said 'gently'.

Sorry, J. (Took me a minute myself.)

The Bad Ambassador said...

Much obliged gimmie.

J bites back said...

Everybody has their blonde moments, give a girl a break!!

Still, if I hadn't been that bit slower than the average person, you wouldn't all have had the entertainment value of this particular post. No thanks necessary!

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