Wednesday 3 December 2008

Ice, Ice, Baby

Like an extra from Band of Brothers: I can't feel my legs.

Today, my ire will be reserved for the following.

  • Fog lights - It is not foggy you retarded cretins. Turn them off. Just a quick question of etiquette: If you were driving a car would it be wrong to shine one of those 2 million candle torches out your back window as a gently reminder to the numbskull behind that the weather conditions do not warrant the use of the "funky lights that make my car look cool".
  • People who, when making a right turn controlled by a filter light, refuse to move into the junction so they might avail of breaks in on-coming traffic. A filter light is used for a reason - if they wanted traffic to wait for the green light before making the turn, they would have put a second red light there. Quit holding everybody else up.
  • People who don't flick their indicators on until they are actually mid way through their desired manoeuvre. At that point, the biggest indication you are making a turn is the direction your car is facing - rendering the little orange Christmas lights Audi so thoughtfully put on your car redundant. And while I'm at it, when you do actually bother to use them, it is merely an indication of your intended actions. It does not confer an automatic right to barge into the space I am currently occupying. I have enough to worry about - what with the ice, the two wheels and my delicate skeletal structure.


1 comment:

sheepworrier said...

Its a stereotype, but bmw and audi drivers are definitely the worst for not indicating, but the quickest to have a hissy-fit when someone else doesn't indicate. Twats.