Friday 19 December 2008

The Friday Album Cover #27

Apologies for the lack of an album cover last week.

A hearty mix of an alcohol and boogying on Thursday night, coupled with the room spinning more than is normal for a Friday morning, meant there wasn't much movement inside the embassy this time last week.

Last one before 2009.

Happy Christmas & a similar new year.

Thanks for reading - all 4 of you..

I can assure you, I've enjoyed reading your blogs more than you've enjoyed reading mine.


sheepworrier said...

Dammit! 1st on and not a feckin clue.

PRyin said...

Merci Monsieur.
I have no idea and will now proceed to cheat.

Google images and help from colleagues ahoy!

Mariah Carey - Rainbow

sheepworrier said...

Ah, my colleage has just informed me its Mariah Carey. Dunno the name of the album tho.

sheepworrier said...


PRyin said...

We didn't know it was Mariah Carey, (we guessed at Beyonce, Madonna and Britney) but after a well thought out search for "colouredy arch thing" it popped up straight away.

The Bad Ambassador said...

What's this "we" business?

Its not fecking pictionary we're playing here. Its the Weekly Album Cover - and it was not intended as a team sport.


PRyin said...

It's a company wide phenomenon in these parts.
The team kit is being ordered as I type and we hope to slaughter at next year's tournament.

Caro said...

I'm actually kind of proud I didn't know this one.

Actually, really proud. I can only assume the holiday cheer has gone to your head!

Happy Christmas!!!

Medbh said...

Happy Holidays, Bad Ambassador!

The Hangar Queen said...

With Caro on that one.Thank fuck!


B said...

I like it, there just wasn't enough to remind me to return often enough.