Tuesday 26 August 2008

Everybody's Talkin'

Lying in bed last night, the CPF got to talking about the music and works of Thin Lizzy.

She explained why she considers Live and Dangerous to be among the greatest live albums ever recorded.

She marvelled at Lynott's charisma and his incredible talent for writing clever, insightful lyrics.

She compared the beautiful, heart-breaking delicacy of songs like 'The Sun Goes Down', 'Sarah' and 'Still in Love with You' with hell raising tracks such as 'Hollywood (Down on Your Luck)', 'Emerald' and 'Bad Reputation'.

She went to great lengths to outline the influence the band had on other Irish artists.

Just your usual philo-talk really

1 comment:

emordino said...

Live and Dangerous is spectacular. Love it. It blows the studio albums out of the water.