Thursday 19 February 2009

Millicent wore a surrealist comb

(made of bits of mosaic from St. Peter's in Rome)

Watching coverage of the protests outside Leinster House on yesterday evening's Six One news, I spied a placard towards the rear of the crowd saying

No to biscuits

"Good to see the surrealists protesting" I thought.

During the 9 o'clock news I realised my mistake.

No to bus cuts


Caro said...

You couldn't ban biscuits, there'd be outrage. In what other country did they choose the biscuit factory as a strategic point for their uprising?

I have no thoughts on bus cuts though.

The Bad Ambassador said...

Of course, if the protestor was calling for a ban on hobnobs at cabinet mettings, that would be a perfectly reasonable demand.

The goverment need to lead by example, and with Cowen and Harney around the table, that particular tab would run to tens of thousands.

Anonymous said...

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