Tuesday 22 July 2008

If Tomorrow Never Comes...

Sometimes late at night,
I lie awake and watch her sleeping,
She's lost in peaceful dreams,
So I turn out the light and lay there in the dark,
And the thought crosses my mind....

If the hotel manager finds out about this I could lose my job!


Lottie said...

Yay - I laughed out loud. Both funny ......and disturbing. :)

sheepworrier said...

Yay, yer back!
Damn, missed the album cover, but I'll return more often now you're back at the blogging.

The Bad Ambassador said...

Thanks sheepie - its nice to know you care. Although my return is likely to be interrupted by a troublesome client I've been working for. I honestly don't know how some of them get dressed without calling me in the morning!

I have 3 nice album covers all ready to go. Check back tomorrow for the first of them.

Would you have got the Ham Sandwich one?

sheepworrier said...

Na, bit obscure for me, but it would've got the ol' synapses firing at least. Sure I'll see what challenge you present tomorrow.

Welcome back.